On going to the Dentist (I know, not topic of the year, sorry about that)

I have had a difficult week with tooth problems. Two visits to the dentist and an x-ray and still the problem isn’t entirely clear. But I can say that I really like my dentist. She has been really sympathetic, gentle, kind and careful in trying to work out what is going on. Hooray for Lucy!

This has had me thinking about how difficult it must be for dentists, who do a job that no-one wants to know about really. How hard must it be to be visited by people who dread seeing you, and to have people slag off at your job, and think it weird that you do it. I guess they get paid well, but this week I don’t begrudge them at all!

One of the interesting things about the whole unpleasant business has been having a big x-ray taken of my jaw, with all the teeth showing on the one picture, bit like the one below (which is not me – I got it off the net). It is always amazing to get a bit of a view of the inner world and what is happening inside the body. This pic (you can click on it to enlarge if you like) shows impacted wisdom teeth (the teeth on the extreme left and right of both bottom and top jaws, the ones that are still beneath the surface of the jaw and aligned crookedly), which is one of the things that is wrong in my mouth currently.


It’s also had me thinking again about how ridiculous it is that dental care doesn’t get covered by medicare. Teeth have such a big impact on our sense of wellbeing, and tooth and gum problems can really influence our general health including being linked to heart disease, diabetes and other major health issues. The cost of going to the dentist really inhibits people from going, and living for months and years at a time with mouth pain or infections is awful for people and for their overall health.

Anyway all gratitude and good things to dentists of the world this week. And to lighten the tone, here is a you tube clip of Seinfeld and Kramer on dentists:


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6 Responses to On going to the Dentist (I know, not topic of the year, sorry about that)

  1. nickypage says:

    Thanks for the Seinfeld link – and good on Lucy for looking after you (NOT that I’m saying your an anti-dentite!)

  2. Mandy says:

    Once again – coincidentally I have also been to the dentist this week. Just for a check up and clean, I also have a female dentist, I do believe they are more gentle, and smaller hands help!
    After seeing photos of myself I have decided I would like my teeth whitened, although they are in ok health and I look after them well, genetics have them a horrible yellow colour. I have been quoted around $900 and was wondering if any one has any experience or advise to offer ?

    • Hi Mandy,
      Good to hear from you! I don’t know anything about tooth whitening – would just say ‘ask the dentist’ or something equally obvious! Hope all is well with you otherwise dear….xx

  3. pam smith says:

    hi all I told a man dentist I did not look dentist not at all meaning just him it was meant all of them but he told me that dentist had the highest suicide rate of all profession

  4. Yes it must be hard I think – so not surprised to hear what you say Pam. Great to hear from you too. Thanks for saying hi!

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