Dancing away loneliness

flashmob 1

A group shot of the Mob

This week there was a surprise event at Colonnades – a Flash Mob assembled and whooped it up as part of the “War on Loneliness”, a project of the Southern Services Reform Group and the City of Onkaparinga Social Connection Program. I heard about it at this month’s CHO dinner, where some of the members decided to go along to the practices and be part of the event. Elly, one of the CHO students, was one of them and she said she had a fabulous time and really enjoyed it. Kylie posted the pics I have reposted here on the CHO Facebook page, and it seemed like a perfect topic for this week’s post. Sadly I couldn’t be there to see the gang in action, but the photos give a great idea of the fun that was had.
There are a few projects around at the moment that explicitly address loneliness – I recently heard of a UK project called Campaign to End Loneliness (here is a link to their website http://www.campaigntoendloneliness.org/ ) for example. I think this is really good. Loneliness is something that people are often quite ashamed of feeling, and so it mostly goes unacknowledged. For something that we all feel sometime or another this seems a real pity. So a lively, colourful, happiness-inducing activity to ‘go public’ about it seems like a great idea.
Many thanks to all those who were part of the action or in the audience at the show (and special thanks to Kylie for the pictures), and a warm invitation to anyone who was there to write a comment about how it went and what it was like.

flashmob 2

The flash mob in action to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off…

flashmob 3

More action!

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6 Responses to Dancing away loneliness

  1. nickypage says:

    Looks like great fun, I bet it made their day for many people 😊

  2. Elly says:

    I am student on my final year social work and social planning placement with Community Health Onkaparinga CHO. Participating in the ‘Flash Mob’ on the ‘War on Loneliness’ has been one of the highlights and was an amazing experience and I feel lucky to have been a part of it. The idea was shared at CHO’s last community dinner night. So I decided to go along join in. I prompted other community members from CHO dinners to come along and watch me.

    It was nerve wracking morning thinking about dancing in public but as soon as I got there my nerves eased. There were lots of dancers all around and lots of CHO community members I knew to cheer us on. Then the best part of the day happened when one of the community members that came to watch me decided to join me. This person has been through a very hard time lately life has been very unfair. Yet that day she decided to dance with me and within minutes of agreeing to dance she was standing with me practicing the steps. We got our umbrellas and costumes on then when the music started we moved to our spots and danced our little hearts out (link to video below).

    After doing our dance twice through it was over but we were beaming from the inside out. Words cant even describe how good we felt and in that moment we both turned to each other and had a big hug. The person said to me “I’m so glad I was a part of this day, so glad to find another dag like myself to have dance with, thank you, this was so it was fun I really enjoyed myself”. To see this person who had been through terrible time only weeks ago and was very sick due to stress, happy dancing having fun was such special moment.

    For the rest of the day I felt happy and was bouncing around excited about life. It was such an exhilarating, fun, spontaneous, courageous and heart-warming event to be a part of. The dancing in a flash mob for a cause that is close to my heart was incredible. Then having the community member join in and seeing the change it brought to her was an even more incredible feeling. This is one of the best things I have done in ages and made me feel happy deep inside.

  3. Elly, what a fantastic story and write up, and it’s just great to see the video too! The whole event is a real testament to what a difference taking action can make, and for me, I also see it as a really positive outcome of being open about loneliness. It’s wonderful, thank you so much…

    • Elly Parsons says:

      Thank you for your reply it really is what you said positive outcome of being open about a topic thats hard to talk about.

      • Hi Elly,
        I don’t think enough people have had a chance to read your reply, so I think I will put it up as a post also… Many thanks for writing it up!

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