Koala spotting at Brownhill Creek

I went to Brownhill Creek recently with Nicky, on a cool Sunday afternoon, to walk and talk and put the world to rights. It was lovely to be surrounded by trees and green, with the creek just there,

IMG_4105[1] IMG_4106[1]

and…koalas above us, dozing mostly, in the mid-afternoon. Nicky was the ‘spotter’ – she first saw koala poo on the path (greeny blobs, colour of the leaves they eat, double click on the picture to enlarge),

koala 1

and sure enough, over our heads, was the bottom it fell from (again click to see better).

koala 9

From then on we looked and saw four more, living their lives above our heads. We spoke to a few other people on the track, and one woman walking with her daughter and a home made yabbie net, told us about going to the park at night with headlamps on to see by, when the koalas are out of the trees and at ground level wandering about. That would be a sight. It was a really restoring few hours – wonderful to spend time with a dear pal, and also to be reminded that all sort of life goes on, oblivious to us, doing its own thing, under the winter sun.

koala 2

Most of the bears we saw were dozing, curled up and relaxed, wedged between the branches

koala 8

koala 7

some are a bit difficult to see (don’t forget to enlarge)

koala 5

koala 6

or awake and having something to eat

koala 3

or sitting up, their ears prominent (but only if you look hard!).

koala 4

Finally, a mum and bub not from Brownhill Creek, but at least you can see them properly, and below them, the koala Sarah photographed at Cleland a couple of years ago (fantastic shot), that is featured in the this old post


sarah's photo

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2 Responses to Koala spotting at Brownhill Creek

  1. nickypage says:

    well that brought a smile to my face. I love how you take and ordinary afternoon and name what is precious about it.

  2. It was a really happy afternoon Nicky, thanks so much dear…

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