Happy Feet

Me in my new red slippers, with the old purple ones in between. If you click to enlarge you will get a bit of a sense of the holes in the old pair, worn right out…

I recently received a wonderful gift of home made slippers from my friend Mary. They are the second set she has made me. They are fantastically comfortable and so good to wear on a cold night. I asked her about how she does it when I called around the other day. She tells me she has made more than 50 pairs, so many people have had their feet warmed by Mary’s slippers. She knits each pair over about 4 evenings, and then shrinks them in the washing machine till they are the right size – she will check to see how they are going every 15 minutes or so. The pattern came from a woman called Bev Galeskas, who seems to have created heaps of fantastic knitting and felting patterns and you can get a copy of it if you are a crafty type from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/felted-clogs-ac33 . Mary also makes many other things – spinning and dying wool with plant dyes that she also makes herself. She had a whole set of beautiful wool in different colours from a sheep called Viola;


Viola’s wool on the piano…


how lovely is that…

she sews and embroiders,

Little bits of embroidered and sewn beauty

and she’s a good gardener and chook keeper and singer and cook. She also has a blog (called Local and Bespoke) so you can see more of what she gets up to there. Here is a link to a post she did about the slippers and Bev Galeskas http://localandbespoke.com/2014/08/ – you’ll have to keep scrolling down to get to it. Mary’s fabulous talent is not the main thread of what I want to write about here however, it is the impact of her generosity, and her commitment to cheer and warm and uplift others, even those (like me) whom she sees only occasionally. Mary has talent galore, and she throws it around like confetti. What a glorious, abundant way to live. Thanks a lot Mary – my feet and I are cheering you now!


Mary herself with a couple of pairs of slippers ready for the next pair of happy feet

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6 Responses to Happy Feet

  1. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful woman!

  2. Mandy says:

    I feel warmer just looking at those beautiful slippers 🙂
    Special Hi to Pam, hope all is well XX

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