Woo hoo – Spring is coming!

It seems to have been a long winter, but the spring is coming at last. In honour of the sun’s return, I bought a bunch of poppies at the market last Sunday and have been watching them bloom and then fade all week. (For closer views, click on the pictures.)

Here they are on Sunday, their little hairy packets just starting to split open…



then Monday morning, with the Sun shining on the table, and flowers throwing themselves open – they blossom so quickly…



Tuesday morning, more sun, and most of the flowers have unfolded, little suns in a vase, their pods strewn around them on the table. If you look closely you can see the last flower still in its pod…


and see the flower below that is the first to start to fade…


Wednesday I took the pics in the evening, so the light is different, but the colours are still so vivid. See the little pod looking like a greeny butterfly on the orange flower. This was the last flower to open…





Thursday morning, just a few hours after the previous day’s pictures, you can see the blooms starting to droop


Friday morning I took out the dead blooms and left the last poppies to see out the week all soft and open and floppy.


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6 Responses to Woo hoo – Spring is coming!

  1. hughesmegan says:

    You know I love the winter – but always feel ready for spring. Lovely to see flowers and colour . Thank you

  2. nickypage says:

    what a lovely photo essay, few words and beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. I have some cheery daffodils from the Cancer Week volunteers at Adelaide railway station, and I’m enjoying those too!

    • Thanks Nicky,
      My grade one school teacher had a bit of a thing for daffodils at the start of spring, and they are so cheering as you say. It’s great to see all the flowers blooming and the trees in blossom

  3. mazzaus says:

    Wonderful poppies, always so gorgeous!

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