Not wanting to be rude to the beauty of winter mind you

The past couple of posts have been fulsome in their praise of spring and flowers and warmth and light but I didn’t want to let winter recede too far without saying that it has its own joys. Here are some things I like:

Violets always remind me of my grandma, who loved them. I have a winter birthday and mama would always make me a posy of violets, with a ring of leaves around the flowers, for my birthday.

winter verges 8

Violets (and some grass)

Then there is daphne, that fantastic smelling shrub. Nicky has one in her front garden. They are renowned as being difficult to grow (here anyway), but they are so worth it.



Frost – I was going to the gym a week or two ago and the lawns were white – crunchy to walk on and the air very crisp.


The dark nights are good especially if you have warmth and light – a fire is especially lovely…


Then there are the trees without their leaves, naked in the cold air, but they have a beauty and stillness.

winter morning

Winter morning – a photo from the net with thanks to whoever took it

So, in spite of the pleasure of moving towards warmer days, winter isn’t so bad either.

winter verges 10

An empty tree in my street – not so gorgeous as the previous pic, but still… (and even here, weeks ago now when this photo was taken, you can see the wattle tree starting to flower)

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4 Responses to Not wanting to be rude to the beauty of winter mind you

  1. Mandy says:

    So true, many nice things to appreciate about winter. Including cuddles and scarves and the lush greenery. …:)

    • Oh I could have mentioned all those things if I’d thought of them!! Scarves in particular are something I love in winter. Thanks for commenting Mandy – it’s good to hear from you.

  2. Pam says:

    Hi just looking at your last picture of the tree which has very few leaves on it I love trees which have no leaves even dead ones I think they have such an amazing story to tell I have lots of photos of dead trees I think they are inspiring now you can see I am a total weirdo loving dead trees

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