On daily beauty

Kylie's leaves photo

Photo of  autumn leaves and their shadows from Kylie’s blog.

I was in the middle of a difficult couple of days at work this week when I received an email from Kylie, who sent me the link to a very sweet project idea that she had discovered here. As soon as I played the little video, I felt calmer and taken to another lighter, more uplifting place. What a relief, and how grateful I was have had this small reminder that life is always sweet somewhere even if that is not the current taste in my mouth!

One of the things I really appreciate about Kylie is her dedication to small creative acts and to daily (it seems to me) play, art, beauty and fun. She has a really enjoyable blog (here), where you can see some of her work and ideas, she is a poet who reads her own and others poetry regularly at CHO dinners and other places, and she has written a lovely post for Buttons and Bread here. (She also just told me how to do these groovy word links, rather than having the whole URL come up when I link to something. Thanks Kylie, I am besotted by this now!)

A daily connection with beauty and creativity seems to me a sure way to find a little happiness on a regular basis. And the thing about smallness is that we don’t have to devote our lives to it. It’s doable and we can look forward to it. But in the long run those small acts and small devotions add up to a big chunk of our lives. So, just for a bit, and in honour of Kylie and her example, I encourage everyone to dedicate a few minutes (say 15) every day to deliberate acts to connect us to beauty (making it, looking at it, listening to it, eating it (!), growing it, playing with it…), whatever that may mean to us.

another kylie picture

Another of Kylie’s pictures

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3 Responses to On daily beauty

  1. Nola Inglis says:

    Dear Elizabeth I just love reading your posts and love Kylies treasures too. I am so grateful to receive your buttons and bread emails. Hope you are ok. Fondest thoughts and love Nolaxx

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Nola how lovely to hear from you!!! I think of you often – have some of the poems you’ve sent me, and pictures, with me at the office. Love the one from Gai. Hope you are ok. Love to you too…

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