A day at the Show

show 9

Orchid Display at the Royal Adelaide Show

Kathy and I went to the Show last weekend, just before it ended for another year, and we had a great old time. We indulged ourselves in all the things we like to do, and ignored the sideshows, the rides and the showbags. This means that we spent most of the afternoon wandering around the plant pavilion, the craft, the food, the cooking and preserves and most of all the animals. It was great to see all those stalls of placid cows, to chat to the animal science students who were looking after the pigs and to check out the goats, the chooks, the sheep and so on.
We also made a point of tracking down the prize winning exhibits of some folk we know. Mary Heath had some beautiful spinning that won prizes (click to enlarge the pics below)(if they’d had a slipper section she would have been a shoe in (sorry!)),

Show 1

show 2

show 3

and Caitlin, Kathy’s niece, had a victory in the 7 year old art section, with a fabulous picture of a peacock.

show 17

I love seeing all that people do and make and grow – their industry and creativity are wonderful. I might have a go one year myself!
I took quite a few pics – here is a selection.

show 4

How much work would have gone into this tea cosy!

show 5

Knitted nativity – the shepherd looks quite a character

show 6

Almost edible cupcakes – and what is that pile-up next to it?

show 7 show 8

I got carried away with the tulips…
show 10 show 11 show 12 show 13 show 14 show 15
and with things Elizabeth…
show 18

show 22show 24

and with the baby quails

show 20

and how relaxed is this lab amid the noise and bustle show 21

The next two are Light Sussex chooks. We used to have these at home when we were kids, and dad took them to the country shows.
show 26

show 27

Piglets feeding…
show 29
and their mother
show 30

show 32

This calf is about a week old and was born at the Show

show 31

Line-up of cows in their stalls, looking almost headless

show 35

Fabulous champion fern

show 36

Prizewinning bonsai – guess what kind of tree…

show 37

Can you believe it’s a gum!


The next two are flower arrangements by teenage competitors (there was a section especially for this age group)
show 38 show 39

show 40

…and there was a great display of hellebores. If my camera hadn’t run out of memory at this point I would have taken more shots. Probably good that it did!

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9 Responses to A day at the Show

  1. Kathy says:

    it was FUN xxxx

  2. Nola Inglis says:

    Dear Elizabeth thanks for sharing your visit to the show and all the richness you experienced there through your eyes. Lots of happy chokkies there. Love Nolaxx

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Kylie says:

    Great pictures! I didn’t make it to the show this year so it was nice to get a glimpse through your eyes. Quite different to the stories Brianna has told me about her show visit which did involve many rides.
    And waving to Nola too!

    • Hi Kylie,
      Yes, we definitely took an older person’s route through the show methinks. I went on a ride about 20 years ago and felt really ill for about two hours afterwards so I’ve happily given up that aspect of show going. Great to hear from you…

  4. Pam says:

    Well Elizabeth I went to the show as well I had a totally different experience to you I went with my grand son my two granddaughters my daughter-in-law and Mitchell and Jake Emilys two friends and this old 52 year old lady it was my birthday so they went on all the rides lots of sugary food and I did not go in one pavilion which I wanted to but the excitement of the kids was all worth it

  5. I did all the pavilion visiting for you I think. What a pity we couldn’t have had you with us when we went!

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