Paint chip poetry

Kylie, who has written this post (many thanks!), has a great track record for finding good things on the internet and using technology to connect, create and communicate. She is also really good at doing things – having a go at creative adventures; this is very uplifting to me. In this post she emphasises the importance of small actions, which are so much more ‘doable’. Here are her latest thoughts and creations along with some terrific little poems inspired by a woman with a website. Don’t forget to click on the photos to enlarge them…

A couple of weeks ago there was a blog post here called On Daily Beauty. Thank you Elizabeth – and as often happens in the world of creativity that post has been part inspiration for and connected with some exciting happenings this week.

Early this week I was thinking about an internet challenge I participate in; this led me on a search for some paint sample swatches that I knew I had somewhere. I found them, along with some short poetic pieces I had written a few months ago. I must thank Maya Stein here for the inspiration. She is also the woman who is doing the project about tiny books, the link to which I sent to Elizabeth, inspiring the post On Daily Beauty. It’s all so interconnected!

A few months ago, Maya had posted an idea on Facebook to write short pieces of poetry inspired by the names of paint colours and to write them on the paint swatches. What a lovely surprise it was to re-find them. I then started thinking I could put them together and write a longer piece. I had a poetry reading coming up too so I thought I might have a go at reading them there. What a great idea that was. The poetry reading was on Thursday night and how wonderful it was. An audience of 45 people, really great poetry from those in my poetry group and others. I read some of my paint chip poetry and it seemed to be received well. It is a bit more light-hearted than a lot of what I write which was nice for a change. I’m rather inspired to keep working on it now! There’ll be another visit to the local hardware store I think. Combining my loves of colour and words; there’s sure to be some overwhelm.

Here’s a few of my paint chip poems

Kylie's paint picture

Another of my favourites is

Inky Storm – discussion at poetry group is the calm before.

[And to see this colour, go here]

If you’d like to see why I was looking for the paint swatches in the first place you can see what I did with them here.

Earlier this week in a group Elizabeth brought up the idea of ‘nudge’ about the value of doing small things. In terms of creativity, small things often lead on to bigger things for me. I’m feeling very creative at the moment but (as I know from past experience) you don’t have to wait until you feel like that to be creative. Perhaps do something small and you never know – one thing may lead to another and another and…

What tiny thing could you do today?

Just to finish off, here’s a little thing I’m doing at the moment. Perhaps better described as LOTS of little things. The colouring craze is huge at the moment. I’m enjoying experimenting with different mediums and how colours go together.

Kylie's colouring in

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3 Responses to Paint chip poetry

  1. Kylie says:

    Thanks for posting! Though true what I said about not having to be feeling particularly creative, I’m glad I took advantage of the creative buzz to get this written. I love thinking about creativity and how simple and complex that can be. There could be a whole other post about taking the pressure off and doing nothing and how that can be useful! Hope you’re having a good weekend.

  2. So true Kylie, time doing nothing seems to be essential to creativity… I am having a very nice weekend so far – hope you are too.

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