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Jackie the wonder dog

I have been thinking of doing a post about dogs at the beach for a while, and went down this morning to get some pictures for it and there were HEAPS of dogs and owners. So far so good. I … Continue reading

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Wisteria Central

Writing this blog has made me aware of some things about myself that I wasn’t really conscious of. One of them is how much I like plants – flowers and trees especially. I have written posts about roses and spring flowers and jacarandas (a couple … Continue reading

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Buttons! At last!

Readers could be excused for thinking that the name of this blog is a tease or false advertising or an illusion or simply there for metaphoric purposes, as apart from the very first post, buttons have been conspicuous by their … Continue reading

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A small beautiful thing

Just a quick post to show this picture, which I got off the net, with thanks to whoever took it, and to remind us all to really look at things, especially tiny things, which are often more gorgeous than first … Continue reading

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Sad times for the phone man

We have not had a post from Pam in a while and it is great to hear from her once again. She has a birthday this week (I think it might be today actually), so happy birthday Pam! The piece … Continue reading

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