Sad times for the phone man


We have not had a post from Pam in a while and it is great to hear from her once again. She has a birthday this week (I think it might be today actually), so happy birthday Pam! The piece she has written ties in with a theme that seems to be emerging in the past few weeks – that small actions make a big difference. Small gestures, kindnesses, loving acts can help in the face of overwhelming pain.

Have you ever had the world just stop and you are not sure why, or maybe people come into your life and you have no reason why they are there? Well I wrote in a blog post in May (It’s in the comments section of this post actually – EB) about the man who got abused at the phone shop. I went back there last week and he wasn’t in. The man looking after the shop told me he was away as his daughter was sick. I didn’t think any more of it – was just hoping he would remember me and Jake saving his life and maybe give us discount lol, so I left and didn’t get my mum’s phone fixed thinking I would come back next week and I would get that discount. So I went back today and this is is where the world stopped for me. I left the phone with him, went and had cake with the boys and then went  back to the shop. He had nearly finished and there was a young lady with him trying very hard to smile. I asked phone man how was his little girl and his wife and him at the same time said she passed. Oh oh oh there was a silence that I can’t describe. I was thinking in my head passed like pass me the salt or I passed her on the street. I did not want the pass that thay were saying. I knew she was only little as the mum and phone man were so young. They told me she was one and she had a flu. They had taken her to hospital. I still had not said a word but the pain in their faces was more than I could bear. I said to the mother please can I hug you which is so not me to do. She came around the counter and hugged me and held on to me like I was a giant teddy. The little girl was called Chelsea. She had just turned one. She woke up one morning with a cold, now she has died. My phone man told me he is ok at work but when he sleeps he wakes up screaming with dreams of his little girl. The mummy now comes to work with him on Fridays as their little boy who is 2 is at day care – Friday was her and Chelsea’s day. I asked her is her family here as they are from Malaysia I think and they said no they don’t have anyone so I gave her my number and told her to call and we will do coffee or walk what ever she would like. I also asked if they would have more babies not to replace but just to help heal and she told me they both wanted that but she had her tubes tied as they had their family – they don’t have the money to reverse it. Now I don’t no why I went to that phone shop months ago or why these people are meant to be in my life or me in theirs but it is meant to be. I can’t even atempt to spell her name. She hugged me and I felt like she was a koala and I was a strong ghost gum. After we left I straight away went and bought flowers and sent them to the shop.


And here is a bunch for you Pam… with thanks for what you did

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4 Responses to Sad times for the phone man

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh Pam, what a sad loving story. Just beautiful, like your compassion for the parents.
    Happy Birthday, a huge bunch of flowers for you x x

  2. nickypage says:

    Thankyou Pam for your loving kindness to that little family, and for sharing it – you make it all come alive. And Happy Birthday to YOU!

  3. Pam says:

    Thank you for my flowers everybody and I had a wonderful birthday my mum gave me a surprise birthday party and then my children all put in and gave me a plane ticket for 18 December to come to Adelaide to see my granddaughter so it was a wonderful day I have been back to the shop the phone shop and see my new friends thay are coping the really lovely people it is a really odd friendship but it works and in all of their pain I just like to tell you that my son Jared and his wife are having a little baby girl bit weird but kind of exciting for me and Elizabeth it only seems like yesterday we came to Adelaide and you met and helped the scrawny little nine-year-old now is having a baby

  4. Wow Pam that is a thrill. It is amazing to think of Jared being old enough to be a dad – time goes so fast doesn’t it. It must be years we’ve known each others. When did you come over here?? Do pass on my congrats to Jared and his partner. Also pleased to hear that you had a happy birthday…

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