A small beautiful thing

small beautiful thing

Just a quick post to show this picture, which I got off the net, with thanks to whoever took it, and to remind us all to really look at things, especially tiny things, which are often more gorgeous than first glance would indicate. It is of Paua shell, or abalone, and has a strong association with New Zealand (thinking of Sarah as I write this). The outside of the abalone shell is very plain and drab, it is only the inner surface that is iridescent like this – sometimes you have to look beneath the surface of things.
Hope you all have a happy day…

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4 Responses to A small beautiful thing

  1. jessebb93 says:

    ohhhh and they are so yummy to eat!

  2. there is a beautiful Maori legend called Tagaroa’s Gift about the Paua shell. Here’s a short YouTube video of the story made by a NZ primary school class

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