Buttons! At last!

Readers could be excused for thinking that the name of this blog is a tease or false advertising or an illusion or simply there for metaphoric purposes, as apart from the very first post, buttons have been conspicuous by their absence. Not any more!

I went to see my friend Helen (see photo above) earlier in the week, and we spent some very enjoyable time during the evening having a look at her button collection. Her mother (like mine) had a button tin when Helen was a child, and Helen really loved looking through it. She would sort the buttons into ‘families’ of different styles – blue ones, red ones, big ones, wooden ones, sparkly ones and so on. She said that when she accompanied her mother to appointments as a very small girl, her mum would take buttons with her in her handbag, and Helen would go through them while she waited in the waiting room. She liked the prettiness, the industry, she was soothed by sorting, and she liked the feel of them. It seems like an activity of quite another time, but the attraction is obvious – it IS soothing and restful sliding the cool smooth weight through your hands. The reusability of buttons, the thrift of keeping them, plus their combination of functionality and beauty really appeal to me too.

Now Helen has an old glass sugar pot filled with buttons…IMG_4313[1]

Here they are spread out

and then there are smaller containers of similar coloured buttons (more or less), like the ones below. Plus some beads. As usual click on any of the pics to enlarge them.IMG_4319[1]




We had a struggle opening the old pin tin below (I felt very nostalgic seeing it, as this type was common when I was young) which has on the lid in someone’s old-fashioned handwriting the information that it contains beads from Miss Shultz’s wedding dress. They are very tiny brown beads, hard to imagine stitching them to anything (just threading the needle to go through the bead would be work, the eye would be so small). I wonder who Miss Shultz was, and who wrote on the tin, and indeed why she had brown beads on her dress…IMG_4323[1]


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3 Responses to Buttons! At last!

  1. Pam says:

    Well they say small things amuse small mines I love buttons and my grand used to have jars and jars of buttons and I sorted them into their families as well and of course the pretty ones got more attention than the boring shirt buttons but isn’t that funny how this is so much like Life it’s it is like the blonde hair blue-eyed skinny girl and all the attention she gets this is a pretty button to their shirt button which is the freckle face brown hair chubby girl like me doesn’t get as much attention but we also have a purpose so we are all sort of like buttons I know that’s really weird sorry to rave on but you give me a topic which I see some thinking and you have to put up with my ravings thank you anyway

    • I LOVE your ravings Pam, rave on! I guess that is what this whole blog is about, the specialness that lurks in things that seem insignificant or everyday. So you are very much on my wavelength Pam. Thanks so much for your comment. It is lovely to hear from you…xx

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