Jackie the wonder dog

jackie 1I have been thinking of doing a post about dogs at the beach for a while, and went down this morning to get some pictures for it and there were HEAPS of dogs and owners. So far so good. I started taking pics and then the trouble started. It is so hard to take good shots of dogs at the beach as they are so wild and happy and all over the place. It is ridiculous.

dogs at beach 7

(There was a dog near this photo – you can see a hint in the bottom left corner, but s/he rushed off in the time it took to press the button. Mmmmmmm)

So I wasn’t doing too well, and then my camera ran out of batteries, so that was that. I have decided to work on the dogs at the beach post, as there are so many happy ordinary folk at the beach in the morning, and those dogs in all their joy are an inspiration. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, my favourite dog Jackie is this week’s topic. She is Kaye’s dog, and we go walking every week. Jackie is always massively enthusiastic to see me and get out the door, it is very sweet and endearing. She is getting old now and recently had a bout of ill-health, but she has picked up again and came the whole distance on Tuesday, which was great. Here are a few pics of her with me at Kaye’s not long ago (she wasn’t so well that day, so isn’t looking quite as keen as usual, but you get the idea). I love the one at the start of this post with her tail wagging so hard it is a blur!

jackie 4

jackie 3

jackie 2

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6 Responses to Jackie the wonder dog

  1. nickypage says:

    I love the blurry tail too 🙂

  2. Mandy says:

    Lovely, I love seeing how dogs live in the moment…..we could learn from them x x

  3. Kathy says:

    Dogs are one of nature’s anti-depressants!

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