The joys of being on a committee (truly!)


Trevor, Kaye, Rosalind, Elizabeth, Anne, Richard, Dee, Fiona

It seems that people often speak of how tedious meetings are and what a drag it is to be on committees. I have certainly had the experience of pointless meetings and stressful committees, but not nearly as often as the pleasure of working with good people and doing hopefully useful things. Last week we had the CHO AGM, our second one, which meant a change of committee. Most of the last committee were at the AGM, and we had the chance for a few photos, which indicate some of the fun we’ve had.
At their best, committees are a chance to get to know people better, and to work together to build something that all are committed to. Certainly for me, the inaugural CHO committee was like this. Our meetings were full of laughter, but also very productive – I suspect the laughter had something to do with the productivity. Some of the committee are not standing this year, so we had a farewell to Rosalind, Anne and Fiona. As well, Richard, who is kind of working for CHO now (not for much money mind you) is not going to be on the committee as such but will be attending meetings, and Sarah, another of those who helped plan CHO before it even became CHO is soon to have a baby, so though she will stay on the committee, she will also be a bit more focussed elsewhere. Everyone’s contributions have been fantastic, those leaving, those changing roles, and those staying, and we thank them all very much, and at the same time welcome the newbies…
Here are some tips for good committees – maybe others of you have more to share?:
– try to have a diversity of people, from different ages and stages and backgrounds
– ensure that meetings include time to get to know each other as people, not just as workers or committee members
– remember that time spent together is precious, and try to structure meetings to reflect pleasure, beauty, nourishment, life in all its richness, not (just) duty or business. This can be done in simple, small ways…
– remember to show gratitude to each other for your efforts
– have fun whenever possible


EB, Dee, Fiona moving to the beat (with ??Gypsy in the background)


and more groovin’…


trying to get people together for a pic – Fiona laughing at the front


nearly there, but people missing…


There we are, or those of us still there by that time… Trevor, Kaye at back, Rosalind (front), EB, Anne, Richard, Dee, Fiona

CHO fundraiser Titus

Titus who was on the committee to start with (and who is a terrific musician to boot)


Sarah, secretary extraordinaire, who left a bit early from the AGM to go to her (almost) mum’s group, and Shelley who was on the committee for a while too


I don’t have a picture of the lovely Luna, who is also on the committee, so have put up a Lunar shot for her instead…


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4 Responses to The joys of being on a committee (truly!)

  1. nickypage says:

    Wise words – and fun photos! 🙂

  2. Pam says:

    Hi All is Sarah pregnant and if yes congratulations gotta keep me up with the gossip because I’m a bit far to see if there’s a baby belly there

  3. Hey gorgeous gal, great to hear from you, and yes, Sarah is pregnant!!! Her baby is due in March – only a small belly to date but she is heading for the final lap, so no doubt it will expand. Hope all is well with you darl.

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