Butterfly walk 2015


butterfly walk 6

Dudley the best dressed dog – note little shoes to protect his feet from very hot bitumen

Term 4 is traditionally a busy time for community activities and this year is no exception. There have been so many events, fairs, activities, launches and culminations in general that I can’t do justice to them all, or even think of them without my diary in hand. One of these was the Butterfly Walk, which was held two weekends ago now. I wrote about 2013’s butterfly walk here and this is the latest version.

It was a lovely day – boiling hot, which meant extra planning to make sure none of us expired in the heat – but a really enjoyable atmosphere and sense of purpose. The walk is another expression of commitment to violence free living, and to challenging societal acceptance of domestic violence. We carried butterflies again and some folk (and animals too – see Dudley above!) wore butterfly costumes. We walked down Beach Road at Christies Beach and ended up at Rotary Park where we heard some terrific local speakers, including the sister of the woman killed at Hackham West earlier this year. It was good to be part of, and I really had the sense of being a part of a movement that is gaining momentum. Many thanks to the organising group for doing such a good job – it was a terrific day.

butterfly walk 25

Group shot at Rotary Park

butterfly walk 5

On the way down Beach Road

butterfly walk 4 butterfly walk 3 Butterfly walk 1

butterfly walk 23

Forte wrote and sang a song especially for the occasion

butterfly walk 22

Richard, Katrine and Jacquie’s sister (just can’t think of her name) speaking at Rotary Park

butterfly walk 11

The sausage sizzle stall

butterfly walk 26

Group shot

butterfly walk 19

Finding some shade

butterfly walk 18

Sue, Megan and Rasha

butterfly walk 20

Rasha’s groovy shoes

butterfly walk 10

Janine and Bridget from Outer Southern Homelessness Service at the park

butterfly walk 9

Carly and Elly, CHO’s lovely social work students this year

butterfly walk 21

Chalk art

butterfly walk 17

Dudley clapped out at Rotary Park

butterfly walk 24

Message in chalk from one of the children at Rotary Park


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6 Responses to Butterfly walk 2015

  1. Kathy says:

    It’s really great to see this – and lovely photos too

  2. Thanks Kathy – it was a lovely day and is so good to be part of…

  3. nickypage says:

    What a great group you are, to walk in this busy and hot time of year! Thankyou 😊

  4. It was really enjoyable in the end, and I went for a swim straight afterwards, so not too hard really…

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