Some thoughts about change…


change poem

At this time of new year’s resolutions it is common to think about how we want to move on, be different, become more how we dream of being. I do anyway. How do we change, and how do we cope with that change? Tiki, CHO member and fine community person, sent me this little poem or mini-story this morning that has a perspective on this. Often change is threatening because we move away from the familiar, we move on and sometimes away from our friends or the people in our circle. The bigger the change, the more this is so it seems. Sometimes the fear of being isolated, or of distancing ourselves from the safe and known, holds us back from making the change. Sometimes the fear of being judged as weird in some way does the same thing. The story reminds me that we are moving towards what we dream of, and that is not to be given up lightly. We all dream of flying in our particular way, of becoming what we were meant to be, and although it is hard to really imagine that before it happens, it is worth staying the course.


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2 Responses to Some thoughts about change…

  1. Kylie D says:

    Cute! I happened to be thinking a bit about butterflies as metaphors last week and in particular the need to be gentle with our new wings and not to hold them too tight and end up just floundering about!

  2. Yes butterflies are very productive metaphorically. I would never have thought so much about them without CHO, but I feel quite connected to them now. I agree with what you say about gentleness and floundering too…

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