At the Beach

It is the end of a wild and windy day, with more rain here than for months. I went for a walk earlier and nearly got blown away.



This is in stark contrast to so many days in this long and hot summer. It’s wonderful to see so many people out enjoying the water, walking with and without their dogs, building sand castles or generally lazing about at the beach.








Earlier in the week, on the public holiday for Australia Day, there were picnics all along the front, with everyone enjoying the day off by the sea.



beach cricket


packed up and walking back to the car



Note all the hats on this little gang – we’ve been well trained!

Mostly of course I go down to the beach near my place at Glenelg, but earlier in the month, CHO had a beach picnic at Christies Beach instead of our usual monthly dinner. We had fish and chips in the park across from the sea, and then afterwards went down to the water, some of us swimming (it was a hot day), some of us just paddling,


and most of us participating in a very nice New Year ritual led by Kylie. We each wrote a word or phrase in the sand near the water for something from last year that we are letting go of, and then watched it disappear with the waves…


…for example The bullies at school

Then we chose a word or phrase for something we want to incorporate more into our lives this year, and wrote and photographed it. Some examples are





It was simple and effective and a great end to a very enjoyable evening. Oh! and we also announced the result of our little poll to choose a theme for CHO’s year – there were five ‘finalists’: the year of the tree, the heart, the native bee, the wave, and the honeyeater… and the winner was…


…the heart

There are so many ways to enjoy the sea, that fantastic expanse of wildness just down the road. Here are a couple of final shots of the sun’s rays shining through the clouds this evening.IMG_4659[1] IMG_4652[1]


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6 Responses to At the Beach

  1. nickypage says:

    What a lovely photo essay. Thankyou

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