Zinia BlackCockatoo

Black Cockatoo

Zinia emu

Emily the Eccentric Emu

Zinia's dragon

Frederick the Flamboyant Forest Dragon

A couple of weeks ago Bet and I went to the Heysen Academy at Hahndorf to have a look at their exhibitions. The upstairs gallery showed the work of three illustrators – all quite different, and all really skilled and fine. We were both struck by the work of Zinia King, whose intricate drawings of native animals dressed in baroque finery were quirky and impressive. Her name is unusual and made me think of zinnias, those old fashioned flowers excellent in vases. Of course, as you do, I looked for some images and found that Van Gogh had painted some, and others also… so, zinnias, the artist (with one ‘n’) (her work is above) and the flowers (with two) (below)…

Zinnias photo

Photo of zinnias


Watercolour by Barbara Kempe

zinnias van gogh

Van Gogh (one version – there are a few)


Lou Jordan, another watercolour


Sally Rosenbaum


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2 Responses to Zinnias

  1. v4vikey says:

    Zinnias are one of the most colorful flowers I’ve ever seen.

  2. Yes they are fab aren’t they. Thanks!

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