How to get a galah to Queensland


I’ve been in Auburn again this week, celebrating Rick’s 93rd birthday. We had another blowaway sponge, and other small and sweet commemorations of his big day. I love hearing his stories of days gone by (and there are many of them – days and stories both). He spent so many years working in the shop, and shop stories are some of the best. One I hadn’t heard before concerned my grandma (whom we called mama). She occasionally helped out at the shop and on this particular day some folk came in who had been given a galah and wanted a birdcage to get it back to Queensland where they lived. That in itself sounds odd to me – there are so many galahs around here killing trees and making a din it’s hard to believe someone could actually want one to keep, for all that they are pretty. We sold birdcages (we sold most things), but didn’t have any in stock at the time. Mama suggested, as quick as a flash dad says, that perhaps a meat safe would do the trick. We did have one of them, and she thought that if the centre tray was removed it would do duty very successfully as a makeshift birdcage.

meat safe

And so the sale was made. This story sounds like it comes from another time altogether – the middle ages perhaps. Now the person would just shoot off to the next town or Bunnings or some specialist seller of homes for pets and get a birdcage, and in any case who on earth uses a meat safe now, and would it be permissible to take a galah to Qld, and on it goes. I love to think about time and life and how we live and how things change. This story, small as it is, has everything!

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2 Responses to How to get a galah to Queensland

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh Elizabeth, what a wonderful story. Your childhood sounds terrific. Very different than mine, growing up in the suburbs.
    I could imagine taking a Galah to Queensland as I brought 2 pet budgies from Long reach to Marrabell in 1991. I also know a woman that works between Darwin and Port Augusta who travels with her bird, dog and herb garden, all in a station wagon!
    Thank you for your stories, I love reading them each week. Xx

  2. Hi Mandy,
    Great to hear from you my dear. It would be lovely to catch up sometime soon perhaps? I’m not sure whether or what days you are working, but I am sure we could work something out.
    I think of you often…
    Cheers and thanks for the response to this post. Much appreciated!

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