Challenging stereotypes

I heard a group of singers last week on the radio who are here for the round of folk festivals now on. They are from the north of England, and among other things, they sang a fantastic song about their area that was written after the town, Stockton, had been ‘selected’ to be on one of those tv shows that seem designed to pick on people and areas that are struggling. I’m pretty sure we have had them on here too – pick a ‘poor’ area, and pick on people who are struggling within those areas. It is a great way to reinforce stereotypes and prejudices and seems pretty mean and pointless to me. The UK program is called ‘Benefits Street’ I believe.
Anyway, when the tv people came to suss out the town with a view to making the program there, there were many in the town who just refused to be part of the whole thing, and instead they organised a series of activities to highlight all that is good about their area and their people. The Young’uns, this group I heard, wrote one of the songs. Here it is:


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2 Responses to Challenging stereotypes

  1. romi789 says:

    Sadly there are numerous ‘reality’ TV programmes like this in the UK- they also buy into many people’s desire to have a moment of fame on TV, even though it might be a negative one. Its a sad business from every angle.

  2. Yes I know we have them here too, but I haven’t seen them. It is a sad business that’s for sure.

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