Never gonna give you up

Mercury Cinema

The Mercury Cinema, at the Lion Arts Centre, between North Terrace and Hindley Street

Today I did something I haven’t done for ages, which was go to the pictures in daylight. I had heard about the Mercury Cinema’s Senior’s Sessions through Patricia from CHO, and found out earlier in the week that Brooklyn was going to be on this week, so I met up with a friend and we went.
It started out really well – a cinema full of people (including a few I knew, so that was a bonus), a great introductory welcome from staff member Matt, wishing us a pinch and a punch for the first day of the month and telling us about upcoming films and special offers; it felt a bit like we were in a very happy school assembly. Then he broke the bad news – the film hadn’t arrived so they were going to have to show something else instead, but he assured us they had something award winning for us. There were many groans from the audience, but we sat tight. First up there was this: –  a bit weird, but what can you do. It brought back memories of ’80’s disco if nothing else. Then Matt came back to tell us… we had been April fooled! I and most other people had been totally taken in. It was all warm and funny and added to the spirit of the day. So if you have any opportunity, do go along to the Friday morning films at the Mercury – only $7 if you are over 50, and $13 if you are younger. It was a treat – and the film was really enjoyable too!

PS It seems that using this film clip to trick people is a bit of a thing – called rickrolling – who would have thought!

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