Twin Cities

I love the way bits of life intertwine with other bits. There are funny connections everywhere if you look even a little bit. I am writing this while listening to the song ‘Twin Cities’ by Everything But the Girl. This is a band I quite liked in the ’90’s – I was put onto it by a friend I knew at the time. The cities are Minneapolis and St Paul, in Minnesota in the US, though of course in the song this twinness is a metaphor for the relationship it is describing. The singer in EBTG is Tracey Thorn, and I found out when trawling the internet, looking up, of all things, the actors who have played Miss Marple, that she had written a memoir. Bedsit Disco Queen

The daughter of one of said actors (Geraldine McEwan, Geraldine McEwanmy favourite of the recent BBC Marples, though those series can drive you mad) has a blog where she praises Tracey’s memoir, so I ordered it and have just finished it this morning, and have found the cd in honour. The song reminded me that I spent a little bit of time in the US Twin Cities (in a basement flat in St Paul) in 1994. It was winter, and freezing cold; I have never been colder in my life. It would be a feat to find my photos taken at the time so those below are from the internet…


Minneapolis in winter

minneapolis in the winter 2

This looks dramatic, but is a bit like what it was like at times – when driving with a friend once we got stuck in a snowdrift on a country road at night and had to be towed out. In the days before mobile phones too. Not that that would have helped me anyway!

Sometimes it felt that my face, the only part of me uncovered, would fall off it was so cold. The river (Mississippi) was frozen solid when I first arrived, a beautiful grey snake.


Frozen Mississippi River

By the time I left, it had started thawing, and colour was slowly returning to the city. So it is all a nostalgia fest at my place this morning, with music from 20+ years ago, and memories from then too, of a place that goes on existing on the other side of the world, with a river that is again thawing, and life goes on connecting me to you, us to them, times past with times present, music to words and so it goes, so it goes.

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2 Responses to Twin Cities

  1. Jayne says:

    Thanks for sharing your memories and the photos of the utter cold as we enjoy a balmy autumn. It is also good to reminded of EBTG. I too enjoyed their music and the vocalist. Jayne

    • Hi Jayne,
      Thanks for the response – good to know of another EBTG fan – the book is good too. Yes that cold, it’s truly bitter!
      Cheers for now and thanks again

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