The beauty of things that are past their peak


Imperfectly beautiful roses

This morning was heavenly – a clear blue sky after storms, rain and wind most of  yesterday. It has been a very mild autumn for the most part, so there are still plenty of flowers blooming. When I went out first thing though, everything looked a bit battered about. All fresh mind you, and washed, but not in the first flush any more. In spite of this, there was so much beauty – the remaining autumn leaves trembled in the emptying branches; the roses, though knocked about, had a certain dignity, even if they were just clinging to life; geraniums and California poppies and hibiscus and Norfolk island palm fronds and banksia too. The colours were fantastic. Maybe it was the light; maybe it was a sort of relief that they weren’t being blown about so much; maybe it was the sun, bolder than it has a right to be this close to winter. Whatever, it made me think about how gorgeous imperfection can be, and how good to be past your peak, not caring about how you look, just enjoying the new day, drinking up the warmth, and doing your thing.


Banksia flowers in all stages of development


Crepe Myrtle trunk (and stray shadows)


Autumn leaves 1 (and blue sky)


Not California poppies I think, but they look similar…


Hibiscus and sky


Tatty geraniums putting on a show


Damp autumn leaf glowing in the shop doorway


Squashed Norfolk Island Pine frond (is that the word?)


Autumn leaves 2

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