Lamby lamb lambs

sheep 3

Sheep, too far away and no lambs (plus a really impressive fence post)

When I went to Auburn a couple of weeks ago, I noticed on the way up that there were lambs with their mothers in paddocks. I hadn’t realised that we have autumn births for lambs as well as spring ones, and I thought that the autumn ones would have to be tough little things coming into cold weather. I didn’t have my head together to take photos, but thought afterwards that I would do so this weekend when I was up. But of course, this week I could only find sheep and older lambs (surely they don’t grow quite that quickly. I know that two weeks is a fair while in the life of a lamb, but really), and the pictures are pretty average.

sheep 1

Some largish lamby lamb lambs and their mothers. Photo taken looking into the sun, hence the haze.

sheep 2

Ditto the above pic, still hazy, and with tree branch

However, I also remembered this great you tube clip that is a bit relevant to add a bit of fun to this post. So, there are lambs growing somewhere about in sheep country north of Adelaide, and to celebrate, I hereby (and with grateful thanks to whoever took them) present some other, way cuter,  pictures of lambs.
sheep 4 sheep 5 sheep 6 sheep 7

PS This blog has been going so long now, that the singers in the you tube clip have appeared here previously, as have lambs.

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