Community Garden workshops

gdn wkshp 6.JPG

Chris at the garden, next to the blue greenhouse

CHO has recently taken over the lease to the property at 268 Beach Road which has been home to a community garden, a men’s shed and a recycling store (Waste Nott) over the past 15 years +. The property belongs to Housing SA, and we have the use of it for the next two and a half years. Over the past few weeks we have had a few workshops to explore some ideas about what we might do with the space. By chance, the Saturday workshops have been on beautiful days, and we have had a really good time talking and exploring ideas with a bunch of folk, some from CHO, some from the neighbourhood, some who already use the garden, some who are entirely new to it. We hope to be able to meet, be productive, learn and create in a place that will offer peace, inspiration, and a chance to have fun. We hope that it will be a place that feels welcoming to a wide range of folk, and where we can experiment with ways to live in community with each other, and with nature, in the suburbs.

garden wkshop 1

Chris, the current Social Work student with CHO, has run the workshops and been wonderfully enthusiastic and committed to the project overall…

garden wkshop 2

Marcus with head down, Katrina and Kylie at the first workshop

garden wkshop 3

Richard under the gazebo

garden wkshop 5

Katie and Jack the dog, with someone’s tummy at the garden beds

garden wkshop 6

Katrina, Marcus and Robyn

garden wkshop 7

Richard and Jude

garden wkshop 8

Sun shining on the table at the first workshop. Half of Kylie, Jude, Katrina and Natasha, with a bit of Chris’s back…

garden wkshop 9

Shadows and light – arty shot!

garden wkshop 10

Some of the folk at workshop 1

garden wkshop 11

Katrina writing up Strengths

garden wkshop 12

The finished list… lots of good stuff…

garden wkshop 13

and even more dreams…

gdn wkshp 5

Marcus (there were two Marcus’s), Kim, Jaromi and Kylie at workshop 2

gdn wkshp 7

Marie, Lou, Richard and the other Marcus at workshop 2

gdn wkshp 8

Plan of the garden as it is now

gdn wkshp 9

Marcus and Katrina in the garden

gdn wkshp 10

Chris with some of the new design ideas

gdn wkshp 11

Kim, Michael, Lou, Marcus

gdn wkshp 12

Richard, Kylie, Katie, Eli, Marie, Kim, Michael at the second workshop

gdn wkshp 1

Sitting around the table  in warm winter sunshine talking ideas together

gdn wkshp 2

The table from another angle

gdn wkshp 3

The pizza oven at the garden

gdn wkshp 4

Eli, Michael, Katrina and Katie getting ideas down

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