More lambs… and some kangas too

When I was in Auburn on the long weekend I went out with dad, looking for lambs – and found some kangaroos as well. Here are some snaps… (I have made them quite large so that you can see the little creatures more easily – they are hard to get close to. Of course, the pics aren’t brilliant – looking into the sun etc, but the best I could do at the time!). It was a bit magic, seeing these various lives going about their business, the kangaroos strong and quiet, the sheep milling about, grazing, lambs bleating to call to their mothers.

lambs and kangas 1

This is part of the golf course at Saddleworth. There were lots of kangaroos grazing there, but hard to get them in a picture…

lambs and kangas 2

Two roos crossing the road from the golf club to the scrub opposite

lambs and kangas 3

Can you see the ghostly kangaroo in the middle of the picture?

lambs and kangas 4

This one might be a tad clearer, but it still looks like a phantom of some kind – a big stately ghost of a kangaroo

lambs and kangas 5

Lambs and their mums in a paddock not far out of Auburn

lambs and kangas 6

More lambs and mothers on the Big Hill, a special place on the farm where my mother grew up, near Auburn

lambs and kangas 7

Steep hill hey!

One thing that is so appealing about lambs is the way they gambol about. They seem so happy and glad to be alive – see that little one in the middle of the picture??


lambs and kangas 10

And not far from the lambs and ewes in the previous picture, on the other side of the Big Hill, a couple of kangaroos, to round off the day…


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