The intelligence of birds

Doing this blog has made me aware of things about myself that I didn’t really know before I started it. One thing is how much I like birds, which have featured quite a bit on here (eg here, and here and here and here and here and here) now I look back.
A week or so ago I heard a piece on the radio about how smart birds are, and how we are finding out more about what they know and can do. It was fascinating. Humans tend to think that smart creatures have to be a bit like us, with big brains, and so birds can’t be smart because their brains are tiny. However, this seems not to be quite the case. Really we have no idea how other brains work, other creatures. We can of course make hypotheses, but things are almost bound to be more complicated than we think. Here are a couple of videos of a couple of birds doing clever things…

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2 Responses to The intelligence of birds

  1. nel says:

    It never even entered my mind that you are so interested in birds. Like the name PARROT FEATHER does not give anything away hahaha – brilliant from Nel xx

    • Well that is true Nel, but somehow it has never really struck me as a big, obvious interest, in spite of the name I use here, and my collection of feathers which I had at work for years, and all the blog posts. I’m not a bird watcher for example, and don’t know the names of many of the birds I see. It is probably something like the things that are ‘just there’ in our lives and that we take no notice of. Obvious, but on the other hand not: funny hey!

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