Heart Art


Some of the hearts made for the heart quilt

Kylie's heart art picture

Readers of this blog may recall that in January, CHO declared this the Year of the Heart. We are slowly developing some activities on this theme (it’s a good thing that a year has 12 months!), one of which is a little art activity and exhibition on the Heart theme. Two of this blog’s supporters (as writers and readers at different times) and two fantastic people (not forgetting that they are both CHO supporters and members too), Mandy and Kylie, have taken a bit of a lead in this. Kylie is on school holidays (a break from relief teaching and her own studies), and she and Mandy have had two afternoon art sessions for anyone interested down at CHO h/q on both Fridays of the holidays. There have been a few folk present each time, and gentle, fun times had by all.
One joint art work that is being made is a paper quilt. This is so simple and also so beautiful. It is black and white, and each person decorates their paper template however they like within the colour limit. Here are some examples. It is a wonderful way of creating something jointly, and we are hoping, by the time we get to the ‘exhibition’ in a month or two, that it will be really big.


A shot of some of the heart art made so far



Sometimes hearts just doesn’t cut the mustard however – here is a cat made by one of the children who came – I particularly like the tail curved around the cat’s body, and the fab orange ears that are a bit hard to see…

There are other sorts of hearts being made too, including these two beauties (above) from Kylie, made using cut up old freebie postcards. How good is that?? And there is a slowly growing array of other heart things coming together too – you can see some of them in the photos. I will no doubt do another post or two along the way, but this is just to say that having a go and working together gets things happening – and my thanks to all those who have participated so far in this small project.

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4 Responses to Heart Art

  1. meganshealth says:

    They are really beautiful – what a great job!

    • Thanks Megan, great to hear from you! I am carrying little packs of the templates around and will drop one off to you sometime if you would like to have a go! Paper quilts – what a great idea…

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