Creativity and moving on from violence

Yesterday I went to the launch of the fourth Photovoice exhibition of pictures created by women from the local area who have been affected by domestic violence. These programs have been happening down south since 2012 and are a wonderful way to hear from women about the impact of violence, and for them to be active, creative and connected with other people as they move on in new directions in their lives. Photovoice gives participants a chance to learn a bit about photography, and to take pictures that relate to some aspect of their experience that they want to convey to others. It is a way of linking creativity to taking action for change.
Yesterday’s event was held at the Peppertree Cafe at Aldinga – a beautiful setting, and the music, speeches and pictures were really something. I just love the difference beauty makes to activities – it reminds us again that we are precious, that we matter, that we are worthy of loveliness. In this kind of activity, for women who have gone through a lot, this is a fantastic contradiction to the bleakness that they have experienced previously.
It was a terrific, uplifting occasion… Thanks to all those who were part of the program or who helped organise the launch.

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3 Responses to Creativity and moving on from violence

  1. Kathy says:

    I’ve probably said it before but I LOVE seeing this stuff – fantastic stuff you guys do!

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