Adventures of the dynamic duo


This is a little Auburn update, featuring dad and the cat. Dad saw the podiatrist the other day, the lovely Glenys, and she suggested a few exercises he could do to build his leg muscles and help his balance, so after she left he went for a walk up the road.

This is the road – blossoms out like this too…

He used to walk most days but has been a bit slack recently, winter and all that. Anyway, he was half-way up the road when he heard a miaow behind him – of course the Old Tan Cat had followed him. The dear cat loves to be near him and was presumably a bit bemused when he headed off, and perhaps didn’t want to be left behind. So dad waited for her and they completed the walk together. Gorgeous.

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8 Responses to Adventures of the dynamic duo

  1. meganshealth says:

    Not to be separated! What a lovely phot of them both.

  2. Pamela Smith says:

    Oh that was was special we have a cat her name is tilly but about 8 weeks ago she whent missing jared let her out she is the same coulers as your dads we have offered $200for her to be broght home but no luck since she has gone there has being about 12 cats go missing te ranger said thay have only found one dead cat these cats are such a huge part of us thay have this undercondition loyal love for there family and we love them.

    • Hi Pam,
      I’m so sorry about Tilly (great name!) – you’re right we love them and they love us, and when they go missing it is so hard. Sometimes they do turn up though, so hopefully Tilly will come back.
      Lots of love Pam dear

  3. Mandy says:

    Hey Pam, hope you re good. I don’t know if you remember Snowbell, well he is now 18 and still weighs 7 kilos and behaves like a kitten. I have been through a few moves with him and once he went missing for 2 months. He lost 4 kilos but was found as he is micro-chipped. I now live alone with him and he is such a delight, as I am sure Tilly was. Don’t give up yet, hopefully you will get her back. How lovely that Elizabeth’s Dad’s cat likes to walk with him.
    Love to you and nice to see you writing….Mandy xx

  4. Hi Mandy,
    yes it’s great to hear from Pam again isn’t it. I told her about your ‘postcard’ to her following the postcard post a month or so ago – she has written a response to you if you want to go and have a look in the comments section there. Lovely to hear from you too Mandy.
    Elizabeth xx

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