Tribute to Rossi


Christies Creek entering the sea (slightly off kilter mind you!) – note the man and dog in the distance…

I went for a walk at Christies Beach after work on Wednesday. It is a lovely place, and not somewhere I go all that often, despite working close by for decades. A beautiful headland, and then a walk above the beach on the path by the esplanade till it ends at the place where the Christies Creek enters the sea. It was getting dark as I got to the end, but it was still easy to see a big plastic storage box containing perhaps a dozen tennis balls attached to the railing at the top of the path down to the water. Next to it was a laminated sign with a photo of a dog called Rossi (2006 – 2016). He was a golden coloured bitzer, medium sized I’d guess, and with one of those cheerful open dog faces. The message beneath invited dog-owners to take a ball to throw to their pets, and to enjoy the loyalty, fun and being-in-the-moment that dogs excel at. Something like that anyway. I thought it was fab, and resolved to go back with my camera to get a record, but by the time I did so, the sign was gone – possibly blown away by the big winds that blew throughout the week. I love that the owners of Rossi did this – what a lovely tribute to their animal, and a sweet gift to the rest of us, dog owners or not. And the box of balls is still there – fewer balls, but I guess some happy mutts.


The box of balls hooked onto the railing by the creek


The path down to the sea, and the box of balls…



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2 Responses to Tribute to Rossi

  1. meganshealth says:

    I love Rossi’s owners too – how sweet is that! Thanks Elizabeth

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