Things we do for fun


 What would we do without the Nancy’s and Lorna’s of the world! And why I wonder would the bridge need to be supervised. What do they get up to!?

When I was out walking in the early evening the other day, I passed this funny little community building not far from my place, and heard the strains of ballroom dance music coming from the door. It was a sweet sound, a lilting old-fashioned tune, and I could picture a group of folk drifting around the floor – just the thing for an ordinary Tuesday night.
It had me thinking about how many activities go on as a result of people’s enthusiasm and commitment – the camera clubs, poultry fanciers associations, bridge clubs, spinners and weavers guilds, playgroups, orchid growers groups, dog training programs, dancing lessons (as above – this was the dance group I passed), book clubs, parenting groups, athletics clubs (actually all those sports clubs, from croquet to chess, weight-lifting to swimming to tennis to football), people doing bonsai, craft, knitting, art classes, camping, bush walking, bike riding, and all the rest. Then there are all those people running activities for their kids – cubs and scouts and guides, school sports clubs, after school activities of all kinds. It’s great to think of all that is happening, all the time, life going on in its ordinary way, with happy memories created, and good times had.

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