Heart Art (the exhibition)


Heart made by Kylie from old cut up postcards. Gorgeous!

This week we held the Heart Art Exhibition at CHO – a terrific celebration of people’s creativity and of the heart in what has been CHO’s Year of the Heart. On Wednesday we had and ‘extra’ dinner for the month, with an opportunity for some of the artists to talk about what they have done, and to thank and appreciate both the creators and the organisers of the event. One of the things I loved about the whole event was the hand made aspect of it, and people doing creative and artistic things, not just looking at other people’s. Sometimes it is great to just get in and have a go, and not worry too much about how good anything is – and when you do that, it usually ends up terrific anyway. It was a great night, and it was a great exhibition. Particular thanks to Kylie, without whose persistence and creativity we would not have done this, and to Lauren, one of CHO’s current lovely social work students, and to everyone else on the organising group (especially Mandy and Robyn). We have been working in a gentle way on this project since mid year, so it has taken a while. Thanks to all the artists who contributed in any way – there are many of them… I have taken heaps of photos, so without further ado, here they are! (Click on each one to enlarge and see the captions.)

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10 Responses to Heart Art (the exhibition)

  1. meganshealth says:

    How beautiful is that ! Such precious work. Well done Kylie

  2. Kylie D says:

    Thanks, it was fun and your photo record looks great!

  3. Mandy says:

    What a great project to be involved with, but best of all Amazing People (kylie)
    Thanks Mandy XX

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