Having a red hot go at the Carols night


Father Christmas having his photo taken by some happy mums at the Carols night

The last school term of the year is often a whirlwind of community activity and a culmination of the year’s work and action. There is a constant stream of fairs, fetes, expos, end-of-year events, break-ups, Christmas shows, school concerts, graduations, office parties and  Carols nights. This week I was due to help out at CHO’s children’s activity stall at the Uniting Church’s Carols night at Noarlunga. This is a great little event that’s become part of the local landscape these past few years. I was pretty ragged before I went – just a day before going on holidays, and with 5000 jobs to do before leaving, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to hold up. But it was great! A gentle, happy, unassuming event, with contributions from all sorts of people, and a good time had by children and adults alike. The church’s choir was there in full force of course, but also a local band (The Jazz Bandits), the Christies Beach High School band and ensemble, another local singing group The Shedtastics,  the Hopgood Theatre group (who did some great dancing), and plenty of opportunity for community singing also. What I liked best about the night was the easy, relaxed tone of it all, and the fact of so many different people having a go and contributing. The High School singers and band are fantastic (they were at the Butterfly Walk a couple of weeks ago too), and the Shedtastics were amazing – great voices! The kids doing the dancing really went for it, and the Jazz Bandits, featuring Don (Hopgood, former local politician and part of the Church community) and Arthur, my good pal Kathy’s step-father, were at the centre of things – and a very talented bunch. The church choir packed a punch too. Our stall was simple and fun (thanks to Kylie and Brianna for getting it together), and the other activities around were good too – I got a glitter tattoo of a Christmas Tree on my wrist courtesy of the Communities for Children stall, and there was face-painting and henna tattoos, a sausage sizzle and more. I was reminded for the 20-hundredth time how important it is for us to be part of life outside of home, to have a go, to DO things in the world. It was a very uplifting and enjoyable night, and I left much lighter of heart and energised than I was when I arrived.

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4 Responses to Having a red hot go at the Carols night

  1. Mandy Laidlaw says:

    Wow what great community photos, you are sparkling gems yourselves, Elizabeth, Kylie and Brianna, and all the organisers. Merry Christmas to you all XX

  2. Kathy says:

    Looks like a really fun night, good to see the parents in action 🙂 Thanks for sharing! x

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