Happy New Year (the long view)

I have been in Auburn for the past week or so, and have taken some long walks in the countryside most days. It is quiet and beautiful, with views over modest hills into the distance, big trees, early morning and late evening light, and gazillions of stars in clear night skies. Walking along the roads that lead out of (and back into) town gives a sense of perspective, a longer view of the road ahead and the horizon in every direction. It is lovely and brings a sense of calm and restoration.
So as the new year comes upon us once again, I hope you have a great year, with time for long looks, big horizons and a sense of peace.




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2 Responses to Happy New Year (the long view)

  1. Mandy says:

    Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year to you, Dad and all readers of your fabulous blog. Xx

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