In praise of techies

My computer went bung last week when I was in Auburn, and so putting out the New Year post was a bit of a challenge. I used my brother’s computer, which was very slow and wouldn’t upload lots of the pics that I was going to use. Anyway, we got through, but it meant that I had to find a repairer during the week. I used a local place, near to work, recommended by a friend, and they were great. Quick, straightforward, and easy to deal with. I was relieved, and now it’s recovered from its virus and been inoculated to help prevent more ‘outbreaks’ I will upload some of those country views snaps that didn’t make it last week, with gratitude to those who understand how these amazing machines work… (the pics should enlarge when you click on them)


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3 Responses to In praise of techies

  1. meganshealth says:

    lovely photos Elizabeth!

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