I have been listening a song by Paul Simon this week that bobbed up on my email as a link to A Prairie Home Companion, that US radio show that has been around for years and years. It used to be hosted by Garrison Keillor, but since he retired a year or so ago, Chris Thile has taken over the hosting duties. Chris is a fantastic mandolin player and has a band called The Punch Brothers who were here last year for the guitar festival (alas I didn’t see them – it was apparently a terrific night), and the show (Prairie Home Companion I mean) has some great musical guests and segments. So Paul Simon sang in one show recently, including this new song called Wristband. It is funny and wry and a bit edgy – on one level about a musician who gets accidentally locked out of the venue he is playing in, and can’t get back in because he hasn’t got a wristband and the bouncer won’t let him in without one, and on the other hand about not being able to get in, participate in all sorts of ways because you haven’t got the right (invisible) wristband. I really like it – quite apart from the deep and meaningful elements of the song, and how witty it is, it’s got a great rhythm, and Paul Simon’s voice is so distinctive. Chris especially, and the rest of the folk who play and sing behind Paul, seem to be really enjoying it all too. See what you think…

[Since I wrote this piece, the original video has become unplayable so I have put up a different version. I’m sorry that PHC’s version is no longer there – it was lovely and energetic and there was such a sense of fun and life to it]



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2 Responses to Wristband

  1. Mandy Laidlaw says:

    A great beat and lovely words, quite up lifting, good message.

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