Frangipani and tomatoes

I haven’t written about the season at all this summer, so here is a little celebration of a couple of highlights of this time of year. First up, frangipani trees (are they trees, or plants or what??) are blossoming, including one that my dear friend Kaye gave me years ago; unlike so many other plants I have had, it hasn’t died! It’s out the back in a big pot, and doing well – too dark to get a photo right now, but I might put one in here later. They are gorgeous flowers, with a heavy, sweet scent that reminds me of the tropics, and summer nights.

Then there are tomatoes. I bought a box last weekend at the market, and made a batch of tomato sauce for dad when I was up at Auburn, and still had a few kilos left to make some pasta sauce for myself. They were juicy and delicious, and just wonderful for an easy summer salad. Dad has been growing some as well – they aren’t fruiting that well (it’s been an odd season weather wise, which is holding them back it seems), but the ones I’ve had from his plants have been really tasty. Good on him for having a go I say, and getting the pleasure out of watching them grow. Kaye (of frangipani fame) has had cherry tomatoes this year as well, and they have also been yummy.

Delicious simple food and beautiful flowers – little bits of sweetness and pleasure to enhance the time of year.

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2 Responses to Frangipani and tomatoes

  1. nickypage says:

    Thank you as always Parrot Feather for your lovely reflections on life.

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