Mark’s magic worlds

Sometimes you meet people who are quite special in unexpected ways. Mark lives in the southern community and I came across him a few months ago. One of the things he does is make art – and it is really amazing, imaginative work, which I find really intriguing. He takes a lot of time over each picture, and they are all very precise and strong images, mostly of dragons and aliens on this world or other planets. Wild! He has had 5 of his pictures made into postcards which will be available at the Many Voices stall at Womad this year here in Adelaide, and we are both very thrilled about this, as it will give him a chance to have his pictures seen by many people. This little blog post is another chance for more folk to see some photos of his work. I think he has a unique talent and it’s fantastic that he is starting to have opportunities for that talent to get out from behind the bushel where it’s been hiding! Good on you Mark! (click on each image to enlarge…)

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3 Responses to Mark’s magic worlds

  1. Kathy L says:

    I like his work lovely sense of perspective and humour. Great idea to have a Many Voices stall at WOMAD!

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