Gazing up through trees (at Writers’ Week)

It’s that time of year again (‘mad March’ in Adelaide, with festival, fringe, car race etc) – and today was the first day of Writers’ Week for 2017. I have my dear friend Romi with me from the UK again, and it’s the first day of my hols, so I am a happy girl! I spent the day in a bit of a daze – weariness after a year of work, and the heat, and the gorgeous atmosphere, and I was struck by how beautiful the setting is. I spent quite a bit of time gazing up through the trees to the blue sky beyond – at times a leaf would fall, and sometimes I could see pollen drifting in the sunlight. Very restoring and beautiful.

Each year Writers’ Week is dedicated to an older writer in celebration of their work and contribution. This year it is Elizabeth Harrower, who wrote some very well regarded books in the 50’s and 60’s,  then disappeared from the scene and has recently had her work put back into print. She spoke today, and was a very vital and interesting 89 year old. I bought her short stories, which have just been published and look forward to reading them.


Elizabeth Harrower (from the internet – thanks!). The photo I took of her, from a distance and not very clear, is above. You can see the enlarged version by clicking on the pic/s as usual.

And I haven’t even mentioned the pleasure of catching up with people I only see at WW, and those I see more often there too, and there will be more writers, more ideas, more drifting about altogether as the week goes on. What a fine thing!

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