The variousness of folk


It’s a bit obvious to say it, but people are complex, with many different facets to themselves. I was reminded of this on the weekend when I was driving back from Auburn, listening to the radio as usual. This American Life was on Radio National; the episode was entitled Ask a Grown-up, and featured stories about how sometimes, at all different ages and stages in our lives, we need and want to turn to people wiser than us for help and advice. One of the stories was about an online magazine aimed at young people, which has a feature where kids can contact the magazine with their questions, worries, concerns and uncertainties, and they will be responded to by various adults – men or women – often performers or musicians. It is common for example for men to answer questions from young women about boys. One of the respondents that they played on the program was this rap group called Run the Jewels, whose music I can barely listen to for more than 30 seconds, but whose responses to the various questions, even when I didn’t entirely agree with them, was mesmerising – warm, respectful and very decent. Isn’t it great that we have so many sides to us, that we can be both rappers and the confidantes of uncertain young folk? What sides do we neglect? How can we move out of our usual roles and try another side of ourselves. I wonder what my inner rapper would be like!

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2 Responses to The variousness of folk

  1. nickypage says:

    I love your mind parrot feather!

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