The end of an era…

I’ve had a very odd week this week – I haven’t been to the gym. The sad thing is that my local Curves, which I have been attending very regularly over quite a long time (usually 4 times a week for almost 7 years), has closed. I am really missing it, and took a few shots to commemorate the final week or so. I am not a natural gymnast (!) but I did get into the circuit thing, and in the end really enjoyed going. And I am sure it was good for me. When I started, the place was owned by Helen and Steve, and I was very fortunate to be introduced to the gym by Steve, who did most of the early morning shifts when I would go. He was wonderfully encouraging, and very sensitive to whether people wanted to talk or just get on with it. At the beginning I was pretty unsure about the whole thing, and it was great to have someone like Steve to help me keep going. In more recent times, the sessions have been run almost exclusively by Dana (in the orange/pink singlet above) and Lou (smiling in the grey). They were both terrific – Dana worked at the gym all the way through her uni course (which she has just finished), and ‘specialised’ in the Zumba classes. Lou is fantastically fit and just loves exercise (slightly intimidating for those of us who are a bit more reluctant, but she is so lovely that cancels it out), and specialised in being welcoming, helpful and very enthusiastic…. In the end I went to the gym just under 1400 times. So that feels like a real achievement, and no wonder I am missing it. I also met lots of nice women there and it’s nice to see them down at the beach or at the shops. I am at work often of course, so don’t know that many people where I actually live, and it’s been great for that too. I’m on the hunt for something – a new gym – to replace it. All suggestions welcome!

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