Girls can do anything!

Frances Phoenix

Frances Phoenix and Dot Day with the Festival Noarlunga Tapestry, as photographed for the Messenger Press in 1990

Frances, as indicated by the above photograph, has been a community member and artist down south for years.  She has been ill for some time also, and died just recently. In thinking about her, I want to acknowledge the power of community based art, and particularly of women’s creativity, which has shaken things up in all sorts of forums over the past few decades particularly. Feminism has been amazing for bringing women’s lives and many previously hidden issues into the light, and Frances was part of this history and this energy. What a good thing to live an active, creative, positive, contributing sort of life, and though she has died, and too young, she was supported, loved and cared for by a fantastic team of friends and loved ones through the long time of her final illness. This post is for them, with thanks to Frances for her life, and to those around her for their devotion, support and true friendship.

Frances Phoenix 2

Poster created by Frances in the ’70’s or ’80’s

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2 Responses to Girls can do anything!

  1. Basinski says:

    Thanks Elizabeth – a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman and artist!

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