Kindness and ‘dear ones’ at the market

Readers of this blog will know that I regularly go to the farmers’ market on Sunday mornings. It is citrus fruit season at the moment, and each week I pick up my oranges, grapefruit and other fruit from the lovely Soula and Bill, growers from Loxton. They are the kindest folk, and have the most delicious fruit. Oranges etc in winter, and fantastic stone fruit in summer. Their fruit tastes more like the fruit from home grown trees than any other ‘bought’ fruit I’ve ever had. They are also generous, and are always giving people extra bits of this and that. Often when I am at the market I am on my way up to Auburn – they ask after dad every week, and when they knew he had been unwell recently, sent home a bag of mandarins for him (which he loves). I took them a dozen of his eggs this morning that he sent back in exchange.


Cara Cara oranges

One of their ‘specialities’ is the Cara Cara orange – a red fleshed naval that is really delicious. It came from South America originally, from a place called Cara Cara, but I note that Cara means ‘dear one’ in Italian. Bill and Soula (their Greek heritage notwithstanding) are definitely dear ones, generous ones, and their warm-heartedness makes going to the market a treat in more ways than the obvious.

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