Bird-watching (sort of)

Spring has definitely arrived, and I am a bit obsessed with all the gorgeous colours and flowers that are in gardens, on verges, everywhere you look at the moment. In previous years with this blog, I have featured wisteria, jacarandas and flowers generally. This year I have been on the hunt for strelitzias, or Bird of Paradise plants. They are so striking, with flowers like alert birds, on guard in gardens all over the place. Once you start looking out for them they’re everywhere… Here are a selection taken on my morning walks, or out of my car window sometimes, or sometimes I park the car and walk to the garden to get a better shot. And I have found them on walks with friends, and when I am out on home visits at work. We even have one in the garden here at my place. And there are a couple in pots at the office too (not pictured below as I forgot to take a photo during the week).  And in neighbours gardens. (Don’t forget to click on the picture if you want to see a larger version)

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5 Responses to Bird-watching (sort of)

  1. nickypage says:

    Wow! Comprehensive. I’m enjoying the bobbing dreadlocks of the bottlebrush trees myself. Thanks to one of your best ever blogs 🤓

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