Creativity and imagination

I had a great time earlier in the week at the opening of an art exhibition put together for World Mental Health Day by Sarah and friends at the South West Community Centre (which has featured here before also) in the city. Mark, whose art work has also appeared previously in this blog, was one of the featured artists, along with Michael and Hali. I really love the way Mark just keeps going with his art – he draws and draws, every day, and he has been exploring more colour of late, including using glittery pens. His work is really imaginative and creative, and has a strong beauty that I really like. It’s also funny and quirky. Mark has never had many opportunities to take his work further, but he has just kept going, and kept enjoying making the work. The launch really was terrific. It was great to meet the artists, all of whom have had different challenges, but still had the guts to put their work out in public. Mark did a great speech and I felt really proud to know someone so creative and imaginative. It’s a big thing to allow others to see your work – it puts you in quite a vulnerable position, but Mark and the other artists showed a lot of panache, and Mark for one really really enjoyed the day. The exhibition is on till next month, so if you are around town and can get to Sturt Street and the South West Community Centre, go in and have a look!

I took a few photos of the event – not as good as I would have liked, but it gives a flavour of things.

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