‘Birds’ (part 3)(imaginary)

The strelitzias continue to bloom all over the suburbs – I am like a twitcher, I notice them out of the corners of my eyes these days, their perky eager ‘heads’ glowing from gardens wherever I look. If you don’t look out for them though, it’s easy not to notice they are there – like so many things that we get used to, they become the wallpaper of our lives, there but almost invisible.

I have been imagining what it would be like if they were real birds of paradise, and that they migrate to us each spring, arriving in flocks and taking up residence in gardens everywhere like the flowers do. Wouldn’t that be a sight? We would take notice then I daresay…

Here are some photos of the real birds from the internet (click to enlarge):

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2 Responses to ‘Birds’ (part 3)(imaginary)

  1. nickypage says:

    Yes the bird DOES look like the flower! Or vice versa. I’m still focused on bottlebrush after your post last spring. Maybe next year the strelizia will jump out at me? 🤓

    • Hi dear and reliable blog viewer, I think the main thing is to enjoy the spring, whichever bit we happen to focus upon. I have been enjoying the bottlebrush too, and the pansies, and the pelargonium etc. but mostly the strelitzias this time round.
      Love to you my dear

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