Chance and beauty

This blog has swung for weeks now between spring, nature and art (with a little bit of community thrown in), and this week it’s art once more, to report on some beautiful pictures made by Liz Hetzel, and showing at present in the gigantic interior (that’s also the name of the exhibition) of the Convention Centre. I’ve been thinking about them since I saw them, a couple of weeks ago now, and heard from Liz earlier that same week about how they are made. She explains this process in her artist statement, which I photographed fairly badly, but it’s still easy enough to read…

Liz's pics 4

This has had me thinking about how we are in the world, and it is in us. We are marked by the environment that surrounds us as it is marked by us. There is this constant interplay between us and the world that is easy to forget or ignore. These pictures are made in part through chance – how the paint flows over the surface of the canvas as it lies on the ground and settles into the shapes of dips and pockets in the earth, traces itself, rubs itself on the earth – and in part through the imagination and deliberate effort of Liz herself. Liz’s explorations – travel, sense of place, awareness of light and colour, the physicality of doing art, and also the ideas, thoughts, dreams and inventions of her interior world are combined in these lovely pictures that are a bit like topographical maps or excerpts from google earth, or the earth seen from space. Or maybe they are a kind of picture of our gigantic unknown interiors. Or a kind of map to the way we live in our heads and also in a place. Or who bloody knows! But the chanciness and the beauty seem to say something afresh to me about life and I am really grateful to have had the chance to see the work and think about it since…

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