Sowing seeds

turks turban seedlingpumpkin pic

A Turk’s turban pumpkin – seedling on left (in the garden in Auburn) and the fully grown thing (photo from the internet).

I wrote this post in the early days of this blog (November 2013 to be exact), but didn’t post it at that time for some reason – and all this time later, it seems like the moment has come. I haven’t seen Josh for a while, but feel sure that he will still be doing interesting things – there have been changes for some of the other people mentioned in this blog too. I still hang out with Arefa though, and still go up to Auburn of course…

I went to the CoCreate festival a couple of weeks ago. It was held at Bowden, just near the parklands, in this old factory area which is apparently going to be demolished sometime soon. It was a great space for a community event. I went with my friend Arefa, and it was immediately apparent when we arrived that we upped the median age of the gathering just by arriving. There were a whole heap of mainly young men at the door, doing parkour – jumping out of the first floor window onto some mats and old chair inserts, and then running and jumping almost back into the window. Really impressive. Inside there was a lot of action too. Workshops happening in different corners, a children’s area (with no children at that time), art  works, food, and things to join in with.

We went to Josh’s stall – he is a student at Flinders Uni who has initiated a community/urban agriculture/garden program. His was one of the most active stalls – he was running a quiz about Australia’s food system. It was fascinating – questions about what kind of food we buy, who is biggest, Coles or Woolies, what we buy, how many of us eat the recommended amount of fruit and veg per day (6% if you want to know), and more. It was intriguing. Afterwards, he gave out heritage pumpkin seeds – Turks Turbans I believe.

I found out about CoCreate through Josh. He has been coming to Food Matters and told us about it at the last meeting. It was fantastic to see a whole heap of people from the group at the event on Saturday arvo – Josh, of course, but also Peter, Christina, David and Patricia as well as me. It was an indication that some seeds have been sown through the connections that people have made at Food Matters, and it was lovely to see them come to a kind of fruition on Saturday.

Neither Arefa nor I are good gardeners, but we took a seed each after taking part in the quiz, and Arefa accidentally left hers in my car. I took them up to Auburn on the weekend and we put them in dad’s garden. I have every faith that they’ve got a much better chance there, with the compost and chook poo mixture we planted them in, than they would have with my non-green fingers at home here. I’ll let you know how they go.

(Well, sadly not very well – the plant grew as I recall, but no pumpkins fruited. Dad has planted some Jap and butternut pumpkins though, the past couple of years, and we did have some pumpkins off them for truly authentic home made pumpkin soup.)

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